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Banca Armada vs Banca Ética

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PortadaLlibreBancaArmadaBancaEticaBanca Armada vs Banca Ética

Book published by Dharana Editorial, about the finance of arms trade, based on the author’s articles in context off the campaigns Banca ArmadaBBVA sin armasBanco Santander sin Armas and Caixabank sin armas.In which is incorporated the critical view of the Corporate Social Responsibility (RSC acronym in Spanish) of the banks, showing that there is an alternate way to be an ethical bank which is showed by the ethical banks.

Author: Jordi Calvo
Publisher: Dharana (2013)
Language: Spanish

General public price: 10€
Centre Delàs price: 8€
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Tags: Finançament de les armes

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