Observatory on disarmament, arms trade, armed conflict and culture of peace
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About us

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15YearsCommemorativeDelasThe Centre d’Estudis per la Pau J.M. Delàs (Study Centre for Peace J.M. Delàs) was created in 1999 in Justícia i Pau (Justice and Peace, as a result of the Campanya Contra el Comerç d’Armes –C3A (Campaign against Arms Trade - C3A) which had started in 1988. Currently, it is an independent Center of Research on issues related to disarmament and peace.

The mission of the Centre is to strengthen the culture of peace and the construction of a disarmed society, making people aware of the negative effects of arms and militarism. The Centre combines the work of research and publication with divulgation and social mobilization against militarism’s consequences, such as military expenditure, military R&D and the manufacture and trade of arms. Besides, it works to denounce governments’ lack of compliance with the international agreements regulating these issues.  

The Study Centre for Peace was given the name of J.M Delàs in memory of Josep Manuel Delàs, who was the chairman of Justice and Peace - Girona and previously was an army reserve commander and a member of the UMD (Democratic Military Union) and he devoted the last part of his life to the defense of peace and values of non-violence .

The Study Centre for Peace J.M. Delàs is collaborator of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) and is a member of the European Network Against Arms Trade, the ENAAT (European Network Against Arms Trade), the Spanish Association of Research for Peace (AIPAZ) and the International University for Peace of Sant Cugat. Besides, through Justice and Peace, it is part of the Catalan NGOs Federation for Peace and of the International Peace Bureau (IPB).
The Delàs Center is organized through its Working Group which analyzes current issues, propose studies and research and lines of action, advocacy and campaigning. In the working group can participate permanent members as well as new collaborators, trainees and technical equipment.
Delàs Center Members

Currently the permanent members performing tasks of research, analysis and advocacy that constitute the Delàs Center working group are: Gemma Amorós, María de Lluc Bagur, Francesc Benítez, Xavier Bohigas, Jordi Calvo Rufanges, Blanca Camps-Febrer, Anna Escoda, Jordi Foix, Tica Font, Teresa de Fortuny, Tomàs Gisbert, Arnau Gòmez, José Luis Gordillo, Enric Luján, Eduardo Melero, Xema Moya, Arcadi Oliveres, Pere Ortega, Pedro Paradís, Marina Perejuan, Alejandro Pozo, Ainhoa Ruíz, Valentina Saini, Eduardo Salvador, Gabriela Serra, Camino Simarro and José Toribio.
A brief CV of each permanent member can be found in the section of collaborators.

Board of Directors

Delàs Center has a Board of Directors which is the governing body of the organization. The current charges are:

Pere Ortega - President

Gabriela Serra - Vice President

José Maria Moya - Secretary

Tomàs Gisbert - Chair

Technical Team  

Delàs Center has a technical team responsible for the coordination tasks of members, volunteers and trainees, as well as management, communication and administration of the organization.

Currently the technical team consists of:
-Jordi Calvo: Coordinator and Investigator
-Audrey Esnault: Project officer
-Pere Ortega (president), researcher

Technical Support External Services:
-Rodalia: Web
-Tam Tam: Graphic Design


The Centre Delàs has trainees, every year from various Catalan universities, the state and the rest of the world that integrate the tasks of research, communication, management and activism of the organization. Currently part of the technical team are the following students:

- Aitor Txabarria, Master in Communication of Armed Conflict, Peace and Social Movements (UAB)
- David García, Postgraduate Diploma in Culture of Peace (UAB)
- Nallely Ayala, SUNY Oneonta, New York
- Arantxa Blanco, Master in Human Rights, Democracy and Globalization (UOC)

The Centre Delàs collaborates with Connect 1.2.3 offering internships to students from the US, Australia and Europe.

Volunteers and collaborators

The Centre Delàs accepts on its team people whom are dedicated to work for peace and disarmament, whom eventually become permanent members of the Center. Currently they are:

- Ainhoa Ruíz, communication and investigation
- Eira Massip, grants management
- Jonatán Soriano, communication and press
- Marta Castelnou, research and grants  
- Isis Miro, campaigns and management
- Alba Rivero, communication and campaigns
- Lídia Rivero, communication and campaigns
- Albert Orta, research and outreach
- Marta Alemany, research and outreach
- Anna Gudiol, translations

The Centre Delàs collaborates with the Rosetta Foundation for translations in English.


How we are Funded

Public entities:
- Barcelona City Council - Barcelona Solidarity
- Barcelona City Council - Participation
- Sant Cugat City Council
- Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation
- Generalitat de Catalunya - General Direction of Institutional Relations - Branch Memory, Peace and Human Rights

Private entities:

- International Campaing to Abolish Nuclear Weapons
- International Campaing to Ban Landmines - Cluster Munition Coalition
- Grassroots Foundation


Shareholder contributions and donations


Headquarters of Delàs Centre for Peace Studies

The Delàs Center is headquartered in Barcelona, but also has offices in the towns of habitual residence of the permanent members, supporters and sympathizers, where awareness and dissemination activities are organized. In the case of Sant Cugat.

Working with:


Member of:

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Centre d'Estudis per la Pau JM Delàs

Adress: Carrer Erasme de Janer, 8 (Entresol - despatx 9)
08001 Barcelona SPAIN
Phone: +(34) 93 441 19 47
Email: info@centredelas.org