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Centre Delàs maintains its activities running thanks to the voluntary work and the commitment of its members and collaborators, fulfilling research tasks and documentations to construct new speeches that favor the reduction of violence in our society and mainly, the violence that militarism implies. The inspired fields of research currently are:

Military economic cycle
– Armies and military blocs
– Military budgets and projects of the Ministry of Defense
– Military R & D research
– Military industry, sales and exports
– Purchases, imports, Spanish defense programs
– European programs production
– Socioeconomic problems (fusion and connection od companies)
– Exchange of military industry and civilian

Military aspects of security and armed conflicts
– Professional armies
– European Defense
– Military blocs (NATO, WEU)
– Security Structures (UN, OSCE, PESC of the EU, CSCM)
– Armed conflicts

Proposals for the search of peace culture
– The recovery of passive thinking and action
– Peace education
– Nonviolent alternatives
– Peace movements

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