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2020 and the beginning of 2021 have been especially complicated years, our lives were impacted by Covid-19, and this promoted many people to realize that we must priorize another security model, based on the protection of people needs.

That is why we invite you to participate in the construction of a pacifist alternative, being a member of our entity. In addition, you will also have the possibility of giving a membership fee to another person. If you prefer, you can also give us punctual support.

At the Centre Delàs d’Estudis per la Pau we have been working independently for peace and disarmament for more than 20 years. Your collaboration is essential to us in order to continue investigating and raising awareness about the perverse effects of weapons and militarism, with the highest degree of quality and, above all, maintaining our independence, which is crucial to be able to carry out our reporting work.

Join us to strengthen our social base and capacity for political influence and thus make our work for peace go further.

As a member of the Delàs Center, we will keep you informed and we will make you participate in our activities and campaigns and you will have some advantages:

  • Subscription to the monthly newsletter
  • Discount on our publications
  • Right to participate in the annual and extraordinary assemblies as a full member of the entity
  • With a monthly collaboration over 10 euros, you will receive two of our latest publications at home every year
  • And above all! support an independent organisation so that we can continue investigating, working on raising public awareness and exposing the perverse effects of militarism and weapons

Help us to continue working for peace!

Punctual support

If you cannot become a member at this time but want to contribute to reinforcing our work, you can give your punctual support by making a deposit or transfer to the following checking account:

Triodos Bank (IBAN): ES49 1491-0001-21-2002276521

You can also make a financial contribution by sending a check in favor of “Centre Delàs” to our headquarters (C /. Erasme de Janer, 8, entresol – oficina 9, 08001 – Barcelona).

What do we do with your contribution?

With your contribution we can continue doing research on peace and disarmament, publishing books and reports so that we can later carry out dissemination and awareness-raising materials and activities, as well as political advocacy.

The more contributions, the more publications we can make and the more we will influence our society to generate changes towards a more equitable, disarmed, and peaceful world.

You can check our activity reports, year by year, here.

How do we finance ourselves?

The Centre Delàs d’Estudis per las Pau is financed mainly with grants from public administrations, presenting research and analysis projects on different aspects related to militarism, arms and peacebuilding. In doing so we ensure that we can maintain our independence in research and disclosure.

In addition, we also occasionally receive grants from private entities, such as specific campaigns at the national or international level, to develop related tasks. For example, the International Campaign for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons, the International Campaign to Ban Antipersonnel Mines, the Coalition Against Cluster Bombs, the GrassROOTS Community Foundation or the Stop Killer Robots Campaign.

The Delàs Center also receives specific donations linked to some of the campaigns such as Armed Banking or Tax Objection to Military Expenditure, among others.

This is how we financed ourselves in 2019:

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